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Attendance Information

Students are considered absent for the day if they are not present at the 9:30 am attendance bell.  

A written excuse must be sent each time a student is absent. The excuse must be turned in to the front office within 2 days of the absence. If it is not returned within 2 days, the absence becomes unexcused.

If you need to submit an attendance absence note, please contact Sandra Medina, attendance clerk, via email at and your child's teachers.

School Tardies
A school tardy is marked when a student is not present in his/her appropriate classroom by the 8:40 am bell.  This is different from classroom tardies.

  • Excessive tardies (5) will result in School Suspension.
  • Excessive tardies (5) for picking up your child after school will also result in School Suspension.

(see PISD Student Handbook for absences and tardies.)