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Arrival & Dismissal

  • Safety First Safety is everybody's responsibility

• Please pull cars forward as much as possible to the flagpole area. 
• Students should exit the car when all cars come to a stop along the front porch.  This should allow for at least 7 cars to drop off students.  This may be a line of cars that extends from the flagpole to the corner of the building by the entrance of the parking lot.   
• Enter the building using the doors closest to the flagpole. 
• Children cannot exit the car on the left side of the car.
• Do not let students out in the parking lot or in the bus lane.

• Regular dismissal is 4:00 PM.
• Early dismissal is 1:00 PM.
• If you would like to change your child's mode of transportation, please call or e-mail before 3:15 so we are able to deliver the message in a timely manner.

• Car riders are picked up on the front porch.  Parents cannot walk up to the porch to get their child(ren).  This is drive-thru only.  Please follow the directions of the faculty who are directing the traffic flow.
• Car tags with the name of the student must be displayed on the rearview mirror. If you need extras, please ask.

• Parents meeting their students must wait on Riverstone Ranch Rd.  Allow students to cross Riverstone Ranch Rd. with the crossing guard.  Children will meet you on the other side.
• Please make sure your child knows which bus stop to get off.  If you have any questions, please contact the school, or transportation, or visit the district transportation website to determine your child’s bus stop.
• If you wish your child to ride a different bus, the parent must send a note to the school detailing the date, the reason, and the appropriate bus number.