Patty Gordon - Technology

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Patty Gordon
5th & 6th Grades

Conference Times: 12:35-1:30


Computer Lab Rules

Come to class with clean hands and ready to work.
Operate the equipment properly.
Make sure you listen to directions.
Push your chair & clean your space when you are done.
Use your inside voice, Level 1 or 2.
Touch your computer and no one else’s.
Eat and drink outside the computer lab.
Responsible Use Policy must be followed.

Learn something new each time you come to the lab.
Always do your best work, not your neighbors' best.
Be respectful and responsible.


Guidelines for Success

Make good choices

Understand and respect others’feelings

Show respect for yourself andothers

Tolerate individualdifferences

Act responsibly

Never give up

Give your best

Stay positive

Ms. Gordon’s job is to teach and keep us safe.

My job is to learn and help her keep me safe.