Faculty Teams

Melillo is set up into teaching teams.  Each core team is made up of a Reading/ELA teacher, a Math teacher, a Science Teacher, and a Social Studies teacher.  As an AVID campus, we encourage students to think about their life after high school.  One of many paths they can chose is college.  Each core team selected a college or university to represent their team in order to raise college awareness.  As you go through the core teams' sites you will find thier college logo as well as the teachers' conference period and email addresses.

As a campus, Melillo has many other teachers and paraprofessionals that work with the core teams to give each student what they need to be successful.  Everyone works together to ensure each student's time at Melillo is one filled with fun learning experiences that encourage "hearts that care, hands that serve, and minds that think!"

Please see the team pages for information about teacher conference times and contact information.

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