Are you having issues with another student?

Our job is to teach and keep you safe. 
Your job is to learn and help us keep you safe.

Student and staff safety is our first concern at Melillo Middle School.  If you are having issues with another student, please use these steps to help you through the issue.

Step #1:  Speak with the student you are not getting along with.
Letting the other student know you do not like what is happening is very important.  If you choose to ignore the situation and do not say anything, the other student may think it is okay to do what they are doing.  

Use the phrase "I don't like it when you _____.  Please, _____."

For example: "I don't like it when you hit me.  Please keep your hands to yourself.  Please stop."

STEP #2:  Tell an adult the first time it happens.
By telling your teacher, your principal, your counselor, or your parent, the adult can make sure that the issue is addressed and is aware of your problem.  The adult will help you talk about the issue.  Sometimes, the adult will talk to the other student and may or may not give them a consequence.  Remember, you are REPORTING an issue.  You are not TATTLING on the student.  When you report an issue, it is because your safety is involved.  When you tattle on a student, you are trying to get them into trouble for something that doesn't deal with your physical or emotional safety.

Examples of reporting:  name calling, hitting, stealing, threats of fighting

STEP #3:  Keep telling an adult if the problem continues.
If the problem continues, tell more adults.  Write a note to the counselor or make an Anonymous Alert. If you use Anonymous Alert and you want us to talk to you about it, please include your name.

Whether it is categorized as bullying or not, the situation needs to be handled by the adult because you do not feel safe.  If you don't think it is being handled, be sure to tell another adult.  Do not stop telling someone.