About Melillo

Dr. Dixie Melillo

Dr. Dixie Melillo M.D.
General Surgeon and Co-Founder of The Rose

Dr. Melillo, a general surgeon who practices in Pasadena, Texas and specializes in breast cancer, was a high school dropout who went back to school while raising two boys. She proved what can be done if you have enough grit and elbow grease. She worked at a Chicken Shack waiting on tables, and at the post office loading docks to get through medical school. In 1983 she was the second woman to graduate from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston as a surgeon.

During her first few years in residence and in practice as a general surgeon, she saw an alarming number of women who had breast cancer that was beyond treatment. In 1985, at a medical conference in Miami, she met journalist and breast cancer patient/advocate Rose Kushner. When Dixie told Rose about the alarming conditions women faced, Rose challenged her to "get off her duff and do something." The rest is history.

With the help of her friend, Dorothy Weston, Dixie opened The Rose's first screening center in 1987, named in memory of Rose Kushner. Today The Rose is comprised of two comprehensive breast health care centers that provide low-cost breast cancer screening, diagnosis and support for all women through the Greater Houston Area regardless of their ability to pay.

Dr. Melillo is a member of numerous medical associations and organizations, boards of directors, and committees. She has addressed and/or appeared before the Senate on the importance of insurance and health care for all women. Dr. Melillo is a published author of medical articles. She has been honored by not only the Governor of Texas, by being named to the Texas Women's Hall of Fame, but also, by many local and state organizations for her outstanding service and dedication to breast cancer.

Dixie lives in Pasadena and in her spare time is a devoted caretaker of numerous animals who are treated like a second family.