Electronic Devices

Per the PISD Student Code of Conduct, students are not allowed to have in their possession any telecommunication device during the regular school day.  Melillo MS has extended this policy to Electronic Devices.  

***In addition, per the PISD Student Code of Conduct, PISD and Melillo MS are not responsible if an electronic device is lost or stolen.  Bringing an electronic device to school is a student's choice and responsibility.

Cell phones and other Communication Devices:
These types of electronic devices must be off while in the school building.  If the electronic device is seen or heard during these times, the faculty member will confiscate the item and turn it in to the front office by the end of the same school day.  The front office will place the item in storage and will log the item and student's name.  

Parents may come and pick-up the item during regular school hours (8am - 4:30pm).  Parents will have to pay a $15 return fee (cash only) when picking up an electronic device.  Students may not pay the return fee without the parent being present.  

Kindles, Nooks, and Tablets:
These electronic devices may be used for reading appropriate material only during the school day.  However, if they are used for anything other than reading, such as games or checking the time, they will be confiscated and the return fee of $15.00 will apply.