Cafeteria Accounts and Free & Reduced Lunch

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Students who may qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch program must apply no later than the first Monday of October.  If a student qualified last year, the student will continue to have free or reduced prices through the first Monday of October.  Starting the first Tuesday of October, the new application must be filed and approved.  Parents must apply for the program every year. Click the link below to complete the application online OR you may complete a paper application at the front office.

Parents can add money to their child's cafeteria account in 3 ways:

1.  Students can bring money to the cafeteria.  Typically, the cafeteria will deposit the money handed to them into the account unless the student asks for change.

2.  Parents can come to the cafeteria from 8am - 1pm to deposit money into their child's account.  Please be sure to check-in at the front office.

3.  Parents can use the My School Bucks online cafeteria account managing program to create an account and deposit money and keep watch of your child's spending during lunch time. Click the link below to access the online cafeteria account managing program My School Bucks.