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Welcome to the Melillo MS Connect Program Information Page.  We are very excited to become a part of the new initiative in Pasadena ISD.  Through the Personalized Learning Plan dashboard, students will complete lessons and activities primarily through the use of computers and group collaboration.  Check out the resources provided below to learn more about our Connect Program.

RESOURCES: (Click the links)
1.  Connect Program Overview
2.  Is Connect For You? - Videos and other information
3.  FAQ page about Connect - Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply to the Connect Program at Melillo MS:
STEP 1:  Review the resources above.

STEP 2:  Attend the information sessions at Melillo MS
Tuesday, February 28th @ 6:30pm CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PARENT INVITATION

STEP 3:  Call the school and ask any questions you may have.
                  Call 713-740-5260 and ask to speak to Mr. Bui, Asst. Principal

STEP 4:  Make a personal commitment to be in Connect.

STEP 5:  Preview the application (CLICK HERE).


CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE APPLICATION.  (Application due no later than Friday, March 10th)